Hey Steve,

I am sorry it has taken forever to get back to you. Yes, the units are in both vans and they are absolutely amazing. I have a gut feeling that I will recoup the total outlay in this month alone.

Our weekday driver has been doing his deliveries literally twice as fast! The whole team now know they are being tracked so there is no more “I had to borrow a van” going on either.

I can’t wait to get my first petrol bill!!! How strange is that.

The weekend manager really appreciated knowing where the vans were as they have very limited times to get everything delivered and the system worked really well for her.

I can’t thank you enough for all your help and for having a solution that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg to have.

Thanks so much Steve, if there is anything I can help you with please let me know as I really appreciate everything you have done- you have gone above and beyond in the customer service department

Have a fab day! and rest of the week,

All the best,
Balloon Saloon


G’day Steve,

Firstly thank you for a great product and unrivalled service!

We are more than happy with the after-sales service you and your company have supplied!

Our boat hire business is the newest “hire drive” operation on Port Stephens.

From the very outset our aim was to supply the safest hire drive boats bar none!

Through the use of your GPS trackers we offer not only the most modern hire boats, but without doubt our hire boats are the safest hire boats in NSW, if not the country! That’s a big call, but how many other operators can keep a watchful eye on the weather, sea conditions and fleet location?

Then to hear the relief on their voices when we contact them and advise they return to the dock, for their safety is payment enough!

The simplicity of your units is refreshing, especially for the likes of an old dinosaur like me!

The fleet has attracted many comments from customers and authorities alike!

Our customers tell us they feel much safer knowing they have somebody looking out for their safety.

Authorities are contemplating making recommendation for future hire drive vessels to be fitted with gps technology!

Fleet management has never been as easy as now!

Thanks again for your continued support.

Glenn Forrest
“Soldiers Point Boat Hire”

Glenn Forrest