GPS Technology

How It Works

In each Vehicle or Hand Held unit there is a GPS ( Global Positioning System ) receiver, this GPS receiver receives data from Satellites located above the earth, The receiver uses that data to calculate its position on the Earths surface. This data is then sent to the Autotracking Receiver via mobile phone towers. The data sent is then stored on the Autotracking receiver. As well as the positioning data, the Vehicle and Hand Held Units also have “physical inputs”, which allow signals to be sent to the Autotracking Receiver. These signals can be Ignition On / Off, Boot Opened, etc. On the Hand Held Units these are buttons which can mean arrived on site, having a Meal Break or any other meaning. Logging on to the website “web portal login” then allows you to view all the data from each individual unit, or together you can see your fleet on the one screen. For more information please download our user manual